New Mom Sanctuary

By: Erin O'Brien

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Erin O'Brien is a WAHM passionate about holistic health, cold-pressed juice, her busy toddler and keeping it real.

Being a mom of small children, especially a new mom, can be overwhelming and isolating at times (even if you've already had one or two.) Join us for some precious "you time" with fellow moms and moms-to-be as we connect with one another and recharge with God's word and prayer. Nursing infants that can't be left with Dad are welcome but please give Dad some bonding time with busy toddlers. (Who can pay attention when they're poking each other in the eye?) We'll provide the coffee, see you there!

The Art of Asking Questions

By: David Freeman

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David Freeman is part owner of a business called U. S. Stone Corp. He and his wife of 30 years live in Franklin County Virginia, they have one daughter, Rebekah. He has served in the ministry for 23 years. David also does an evangelistic work called, "Is That Really In The Bible?"

The Bible tells us to always be ready to give an answer. Yet many times we are totally caught off guard when someone questions us, we choke, our minds go blank, fear over takes us. The reason for these emotions is very simple, “we always feel like we have to defend our faith” and many times we are not prepared to defend our faith. There is a better way for us to be ready for the next religious encounter. Learn how with this seminar, “The Art of Asking Questions.”

The One Thing

By: Dusti Howell

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Dusti graduated from Ambassador College before going on to earn graduate degrees in educational technology and educational psychology. He and his wife Deanne have three kids. He is currently the president of the Kansas City Church of God and a board member of the Bible Sabbath Association.

It is too easy to get distracted by our jobs, our gifts, our relationships and even our service to Christ and miss out on doing this one thing everyday. In Crazy Busy, the 2014 Christian Book of the Year, Kevin DeYoung shows how Christ identifies this thing. Gary Keller’s excellent secular book, The One Thing, shows that only the most successful people stay on track and don’t get distracted from doing the thing they should be doing. As ‘mature’ Christians in the gun lap of our lives, let’s follow Christ’s admonition, and do this 'One Thing' everyday!

Islam and the End Times

By: Ken Swiger

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Ken Swiger is a life-long student of the Bible and a member of the Church of God movement since the 1980’s. He was a founding member of the Seventh Day Christian Assembly in Knoxville Tennessee in 1993, and has served as their pastor since 1998. Ken resides in Lenoir City Tennessee with his wife Becky, and their adult son, Alex. IN addition to serving as a Pastor, Ken worked in engineering for 34 years before beginning his current occupation as an executive recruiter. He enjoys traveling and wildlife viewing with his wife in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Could the religion of Islam figure prominently into the end time prophecies of the Bible? Is it perhaps possible that Christians have been looking at end times and prophetic events with "blinders" on, and there is something we have missed? Adherents to Islam have their own prophecies about the end times that include the return of Jesus, plus their own messianic figure known as Al-Mahdi. Is it possible that the Islamic Jesus and Al-Mahdi are the false prophet and Anti-Christ of Christian prophecy? Join Pastor Ken Swiger as he explores the possible role of Islam in the end times in this two-part presentation.

His Needs, Her Needs

By: Heather Poma

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Heather Poma, Psy.D., IMFT, is licensed in the state of Ohio as a clinical psychologist and an independently licensed marriage and family therapist. She graduated from Regent University with a doctorate in clinical psychology, with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. In her practice, she focuses on Christian counseling, with an emphasis on couples' counseling, sexual health concerns, and family therapy. Currently residing in Northeast Ohio, she works in private practice (Apex Psychological Care and Memory Center) with individuals, couples, and families and supervises marriage and family therapy students, while enjoying her family-Husband Eric, Daughter Annabelle, and a new addition due next year. .

This seminar, based on Dr. Willard Harley's book of the same name, will outline differences in men and women, and how meeting your partner's basic needs helps make your marriage less vulnerable to affairs. You may be surprised by some basic needs your partner has that you don't even realize, while your partner may not recognize the significance of needs that you have. This seminar will address the five basic needs of men and women in romantic relationships, provide you with a way to complete a needs assessment with your spouse, and help you understand what these basic needs are and how they impact your relationship in order to help you have a more fulfilling marriage for both partners.

Fact or Fiction?

By: Jeff Reed

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Jeff Reed works as the Media and Marketing Director for the Church of God, International. He has served as an elder with the Church of God, International for seven years and is currently pastor of the home office Tyler, Texas congregation.

There was a time when everyone was entitled to their own opinion. Now it seems everyone believes they are entitled to their own facts. The rise of internet news and blogging has given rise to many competing world views that offer their own “facts” about truth. With so many sources claiming they have the facts how can we determine what is actually true. Is it impossible? Or is there a systematic, biblical approach that can teach us to easily discern fact from fiction? This seminar will teach the basic skills needed to make those determinations.

Who is Restored Israel?

By: Bill Pack

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The most important theme found throughout the writings of the Old Testament prophets is the restoration of Israel. Yet there is no unanimity among Christians as to the identity of restored Israel. How can this be? Millions of so-called Evangelicals believe it is the Jewish state founded in Palestine in 1948. Others see Israel restored during a future millennial age. Still others believe the church, the collection of the saints, is restored Israel. What do you believe? Let’s see what answers the scriptures give us. Bill and his wife Wendy enjoying living on their farm in Southwest Virginia. They host an in-home Bible Study around their kitchen table each Sabbath morning. Bill’s lifelong passion has been his study of the scriptures. Currently he is setting up a website to share some of the articles he has written on big picture biblical topics.

Health Effects of Chemicals in our Daily Lives

By: Vivian Rust

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Ms. Rust's accumulated knowledge of the subject includes a B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati, additional studies in Environmental Medicine and Environmental Science, professional employment in the chemical industry and alternative healthcare field, and personal experience overcoming health problems related to chemicals.

This seminar will discuss the harmful chemicals in our everyday lives, the health effects thereof, and what can be done personally to minimize those effects. Ms. Rust's accumulated knowledge of the subject includes a B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati, additional studies in Environmental Medicine and Environmental Science, professional employment in the chemical industry and alternative healthcare field, and personal experience overcoming health problems related to chemicals.

12 steps and how they relate to our Faith and Holy Days

By: Matt and Tami Hees

More about Matt and Tami Hees

Matt and Tami are college sweethearts that met in Big Sandy, TX as teenagers they have been married for almost 28 years. Over the last 10 years they have had a passion for finding great tools in books, seminars etc. to strengthen our relationship. They have done extensive travel in search of the best workshops and the best tools. They also do extensive community service on a regular basis and found their God-led personal ministry in reaching out to the hurting. They also share a lot of marriage enrichment tools for those with good marriages that want to have a better marriage. Matt and Tami both work in the IT field in the metro Atlanta area.

The 12 steps which were first published by Alcoholics Anonymous are the basis of over 300 support 12 step groups. Did you know these came from the Bible? We will discuss where specifically in the Bible they came from and how they relate to the Holy Days, repentance and redemption by Christ.

Tinker to Evers to Chance

By: Lenny Cacchio

More about Lenny Cacchio

Lenny Cacchio is a longtime Church of God member and is an Elder of the Church of God Kansas City . He resides in Lee’s Summit, MO, a suburb of Kansas City, with his wife Diane. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Michelle. They are charter members of the Church of God Kansas City. Lenny is the author of two books, “Morning Coffee Companion” and “The Gospel According to Moses: The Feast Days of Leviticus 23”. Lenny is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant, and works for US Bank’s Private Client Reserve in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Follow his blog at

Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance were the double play combination for the Chicago Cubs during the first decade of the 20th Century. Their proficiency on the field became the subject of legend and verse. In 1946 this trio entered the Hall of Fame together. “Tinker to Evers to Chance” came to have the ring of teamwork, efficiency, and success. Except for one important detail. They hated each other. Their story is a case study in how schisms can happen. In this seminar we'll discuss how to heal the breach.

Fix Your Eyes

By: Kenneth Brown

More about Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown is a young man from Los Angeles, CA. Second oldest of seven siblings. Jesus the Christ brought me into His Body on the Day of Trumpets 2009! Through His Grace, I have had the privileged of traveling the world in support of His Word, orphans and widows. I currently teach tennis and manage a Herb business by the name of Owrah

As life brings its trials and difficulties. We as disciples of Jesus the Christ must grow Spiritually through walking by Faith not by Sight. Come along with me on the journey of life, while we build our Spiritual Eyes in Jesus the Christ!

When Bad Things Happen

By: John Coish

More about John Coish

John Coish previously spent 20 years as the President of the Church of God International in Canada. He is currently one of the founders of the Prince of God Assembly. The website is dedicated to teaching from the Word of God. The law's application should result in justice, mercy and humility, for freedom in Christ to truly exist. It is that application of the law we will be focused on. Personally his greatest loves are his wife Myrna and his sons, Ben and Zac and daughter Kaitlin. He is also a 28 year veteran of the Kitchener Fire Department responsible for Public Education and Relations which features public speaking in various forms and collaborative work with many community partners.

There is a subject all of us struggle with at some point or another: Why do bad things happen to good people? Sometimes it can be you are trying your best in life and yet seem to have a constant struggle with someone or something. The Word of God has much instruction for us on this subject. It should ultimately provide you a great deal of peace and encouragement. It took me many struggles in life, a lot of falls, to learn some wonderful things of God. I would like to share with you some words of encouragement for whatever the personal struggles you have been enduring. Through my trials I have learned that ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love the Lord. I hope you will leave feeling energized and loved.

Christianity and Paganism

By: Horane Smith

More about Horane Smith

Horane Smith serves as co-pastor for the Toronto CGI congregation, where he has been attending since 1990. He has worked as a journalist for many years, but now concentrates on creative writing. He is an award-winning author of 12 published books.

We know Christmas and Easter have their roots in paganism. However, pagan religions also had their own messiahs raising the dead, walking on water, dying as savior and even had a kind of Passover. Some of these religions predated Christianity. How can that be? How do you explain this? Who was the borrower? Who was the lender? This powerpoint presentation will give deep insights and answer these puzzling questions.

How Did Jesus Become Flesh

By: Dennis Gonzalo

More about Dennis Gonzalo

Dennis Gonzalo attends the Church of God Fellowship in Lansing, Michigan, along with his wife, Michelle. He has two sons and a daughter, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons. He has been a Sabbath-keeper since 1973. He currently works as a Project Manager for the IT department of an energy utility company in Michigan.

The Bible states that Jesus Christ was the God who followed Israel in the Old Testament (I Cor. 10:4). How did Christ go from existing in the spiritual realm to existing in the physical realm? We do not know exactly, but science has given us an insight to how it could possibly have happened. Jesus Christ asked the Pharisees a question they could not answer (Matt. 21:41-46): How could Christ be both David’s Lord and David’s son? How would we answer that question?

Spiritual warfare and the believer

By: Jeff Ledy

More about Jeff Ledy

Jeff Ledy is happily married to his beautiful wife Sharon for over 35 years. Jeff has been active in the independent movement in the church community since 1994. He lives in Laingsburg, Michigan and regularly teaches at the Church of God Fellowship, Lansing. In his day job, Jeff is a Licensed Professional Engineer and manages a large engineering group.

This seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of the reality that we are at war with the enemy, including the enemy's methods and devices. Material will include principles for the use of the weapons and authority we have been given to fight our spiritual battles.

Antibiotic Apocalypse

By: Wendy Pack

More about Wendy Pack

Wendy has a lifetime association with the Churches of God, and currently attends an independent home fellowship. As a mother of four and grandmother to eight, almost nine, passing on her joy in the Lord is of great importance. Health food stores have been in the family for three generations, and Wendy has carved out a respected professional reputation in natural health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She loves to combine health, herbs, oils, and Scripture in her seminars

Modern western medicine ushered in the age of antibiotics in the 1950’s. Most people today have never known a time when doctors were not prescribing drugs for any and all illnesses – including bacterial infections. What doctors and scientists have run into is a bacterial wall – the “superbug”! They are scared. They are scaring us! Come explore what our ancestors used, before modern medicine, against bacteria? Wendy accompanied her husband, Bill, in congregational ministry for 20 years. Since opening two health food stores in the last 10 years the focus of her ministry changed to helping others attain health through natural sources and alternatives.

What is your fear dance?

By: Sharon Ledy

More about Sharon Ledy

Sharon Ledy is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a specialty in addictions. She works for an inpatient behavioral health unit in Michigan. Sharon just celebrated 35 years of marriage to her beloved, Jeffrey. She has three adult children, one son-in-law, claims several others as her own, and treasures every minute she can spend with them!

Are your relationships driven by love or by fear? If perfect love casts out fear, how do we recognize what we are doing out of fear and what we are doing out of love? We can use this knowledge and corresponding skills in our friendships, churches, work, school, and marriages.

Develop your pieces - the rules of chess applied to the church

By: Dr. Anika Hansen-Sandy

More about Dr. Anika Hansen-Sandy

Anika E. Sandy-Hanson believes her ministry includes equipping all brethren for service in the Body of Christ. She has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and her career has focused on evaluation, statistics, research design, K-12 education, and educational technology. Dr. Sandy-Hanson has worked with a range of populations including church groups, Pre-K-12 schools, Fortune 500 firms, universities, non-profit organizations, and small community-based initiatives. She is a member of the Church of God International and currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with her husband and four children (baby number 4 is due October 2015). On a national level, Dr. Sandy-Hanson has served as Chair of the Infuse young adult program and Editor-in-Chief of the Infuse magazine. Locally, she serves as Coordinator of the Children's Ministry and is the Immediate Past-President of the Women's Ministry.

Chess is well known as a game of skill, strategy, & sophistication. The rules of the game can help believers & groups become more healthy and thriving. This session will present strategies to develop your pieces, control the center, & develop with a purpose.

Quality Church Services

By: Jim O'Brien

More about Jim O'Brien

Jim ministers to the Church of God Cincinnati and Church of God Lexington congregations which publish the Christian magazine, Faith Network, and host the annual Winter Family Weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. He authors a weekly newsletter and travels widely to speak and minister to Sabbatarian congregations. Jim resides in West Chester, Ohio with his wife, Donna. He is the father of three children and grandfather of five.

What is the value of the local congregation? Does it frighten you just a bit to know the congregation is at the spearpoint of evangelism? When people were converted by the preaching of the Apostle Paul there had to be a congregation to serve the new Christians. Without this group of dedicated servants Paul's work would have been in vain. The Quality Church sessions are designed to strengthen your congregation. How can you improve? How can you grow? Join us for some exciting answers.

The Lord’s Prayer and the Feast of the Lord

By: Dan Allen

More about Dan Allen

Dan Allen resides in West Chester with his wife Bridget and their two sons, and serves in the Church of God Cincinnati congregation.

Is there a relationship between the Holy Days and the model prayer that Jesus delivered to his followers in the sermon on the Mount? Join us as we dig in to see what we can discover.

Title: A Joshua and Caleb Report from the Land of Israel

By: Josh and Katelyn Waller

More about Josh and Katelyn Waller

Joshua and Katelyn Waller serve in Israel with Hayovel--a Christian organization dedicated to serving the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). Hayovel has quickly become one of the largest volunteer organizations in Israel, bringing hundreds of volunteers to assist in hands on projects that build up His people.

What do you hear about Israel today from sources around you? Did you know that God is on the move and the Land is coming back to life? Come hear a good report & be encouraged by a first hand account from the Promised Land.