Were They REALLY That Old?~

By: Ken Swiger

More about Ken Swiger

Ken Swiger is a long time Bible student and Pastor of Seventh Day Christian Assembly in Knoxville TN for over 20 years. He resides in Lenoir City Tennessee with his wife Becky, and their adult son, Alex.

The early patriarchs in the Bible lived very long lives. Some dismiss these recorded ages as errors in translation. Others imagine them to be “longevity myths” or intentional exaggerations. We will look at the Biblical record to prove that the years mentioned in scripture are comparable to the units of time we observe today. The hand-out I will provide will demonstrate how the lives of the early patriarchs overlapped and provided for multiple scenarios in which information could be transmitted through as few as four people from Adam to Jacob [i.e. Adam, Methuselah, Shem, Jacob] Ken Swiger is a life-long student of the Bible and a member of the Church of God movement since the 1980’s. He was a founding member of the Seventh Day Christian Assembly in Knoxville Tennessee in 1993, and has served as their pastor since 1998. Ken resides in Lenoir City Tennessee with his wife Becky, and their adult son, Alex. In addition to serving as a Pastor, Ken worked in engineering for 34 years before beginning his current occupation as an executive recruiter. He enjoys traveling and wildlife viewing with his wife in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Basic Survival Skills

By: David Freeman

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David Freeman is part owner of a business called U. S. Stone Corp. He and his wife of 30 years live in Franklin County Virginia, they have one daughter, Rebekah. He has served in the ministry for 23 years. David also does an evangelistic work called, "Is That Really In The Bible?"

Today there is much information about survival and survival skills. The number one survival skill is attitude. More than any other skill, your attitude determines how successful you are in a survival situation. Jesus said, “…but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” There are physical survival skills and then there are spiritual survival skills. Learn the basic survival skills that you need to endure to the end. David Freeman has been in the ministry for over 20 years. He works full-time as part owner of U. S. Stone Corp. David is the creator of Is that Really In The Bible as an evangelistic tool to challenge religious deceptions! The Church of God Rocky Mount sponsors the telecast on BTW 21 and Star News out of Martinsville, Virginia. The outreach has grown through social media such as YouTube, GodTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Vimeo and the website


By: Wendy Pack

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Wendy has a lifetime association with the Churches of God, and currently attends an independent home fellowship. As a mother of four and grandmother to eight, almost nine, passing on her joy in the Lord is of great importance. Health food stores have been in the family for three generations, and Wendy has carved out a respected professional reputation in natural health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She loves to combine health, herbs, oils, and Scripture in her seminars

Stress, who doesn’t have it? Western medicine uses Xanax and Valium to lessen symptoms. Is this addressing the problem or masking it? Alternative therapies suggest adrenal exhaustion and use herbs for relief and restoration. This lecture explores different protocols to improve the effects of stress on health and restore calm. Wendy accompanied her husband, Bill, in congregational ministry for 20 years. Since opening two health food stores in the last 10 years the focus of her ministry changed to helping others attain health through natural sources and alternatives.

Learning to Fight the Right Battles for Christ

By: John Coish

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John Coish previously spent 20 years as the President of the Church of God International in Canada. He is currently one of the founders of the Prince of God Assembly. The website is dedicated to teaching from the Word of God. The law's application should result in justice, mercy and humility, for freedom in Christ to truly exist. It is that application of the law we will be focused on. Personally his greatest loves are his wife Myrna and his sons, Ben and Zac and daughter Kaitlin. He is also a 28 year veteran of the Kitchener Fire Department responsible for Public Education and Relations which features public speaking in various forms and collaborative work with many community partners.

Are you tired of arguing and things going nowhere? Are you praying for an answer, like Job did, but things keep getting worse? You’re doing your best to follow God's commandments, but you still feel like you’re losing? I know I've felt that way. Let’s explore together an oft missing dimension in our life's struggles. With Christ for us who can really be against us? John Coish is married to Myrna and they have 3 children. He wishes to give all those who hear him such a confident faith in the Word of God that they will never doubt it for as long as they live.

How Great is your God?

By: Dusti Howell

More about Dusti Howell

Dr. Dusti Howell is a graduate of Ambassador College and has been a professor of Instructional Design and Technology for two decades.

This visual presentation of God’s Amazing Creation, showcasing God sightings of incredibly designed trees, birds, sea creatures, cells and insects is just a warm up as we launch into the vastness of the heavens. Join us for an amazing testimonial of God’s greatness.

Life More Abundantly

By: Dr. Ryan Berlin

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Dr. Ryan is a spinal and nervous system wellness expert with an emphasis in care for children and families. Dr. Ryan graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa in 2007. He and his wife Ashley have three children and live in West Chester, Ohio.

What does it mean to have life and have it abundantly? (John 10:10) We will address the reason that 5/6 people in the United States end up diagnosed with heart disease or cancer. Dr. Berlin will be discussing strategies in the five most important areas to transform your health and have abundant life.

How to Build Safety in Your Relationships

By: Matt and Tami Hees

More about Matt and Tami Hees

Matt and Tami are college sweethearts that met in Big Sandy, TX as teenagers they have been married for almost 28 years. Over the last 10 years they have had a passion for finding great tools in books, seminars etc. to strengthen our relationship. They have done extensive travel in search of the best workshops and the best tools. They also do extensive community service on a regular basis and found their God-led personal ministry in reaching out to the hurting. They also share a lot of marriage enrichment tools for those with good marriages that want to have a better marriage. Matt and Tami both work in the IT field in the metro Atlanta area.

How do you build safety in your relationships? How do you become a safe place? How do we allow God to grow empathy, understanding and peace in our hearts? We will share tools we have gotten from various resources to help us see where our will gets in the way of these godly changes. We want to explore ways to let Gods heart into our words and actions.

God Has Always Dwelled with His People

By: Bill Pack

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To be provided...

A recurrent theme is found throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation: the people of God are described as camping in tents, like temporary dwellers living apart in a foreign land. Further, God has always been camping right along with them in His own tent. What lessons can we learn from this metaphor?

Honesty with God

By: Lenny Cacchio

More about Lenny Cacchio

Lenny Cacchio is a longtime Church of God member and is an Elder of the Church of God Kansas City . He resides in Lee’s Summit, MO, a suburb of Kansas City, with his wife Diane. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Michelle. They are charter members of the Church of God Kansas City. Lenny is the author of two books, “Morning Coffee Companion” and “The Gospel According to Moses: The Feast Days of Leviticus 23”. Lenny is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant, and works for US Bank’s Private Client Reserve in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Follow his blog at

When you pray, are you totally honest with God? When you disagree with God, are you out of line if you tell Him that? Is it ever right to ask God to alter his will? In this seminar we'll look at some heroes of the Bible and how they related to God.

Is Your Light Shining?

By: John Snyder

More about John Snyder

John, also goes by Johnny, grew up in Big Sandy, Texas. After graduating from Ambassador College, he spent 13 years in Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. He and his wife Maria Marcela of 15 years from Bogota, Colombia, moved back to McKinney, Texas in 2001 and now have 3 children, ages 11, 9 and 2, two of which are adopted. John has over 20 years experience working in the field of Information Technology and is one course away from completing his Masters from Boston University. John and Maria are tied to no single organization but have been hosting in their home as well as attend various groups in an effort to foster open communication and to live and teach what it means to be a living sacrifice.

How well do people know you? Oftentimes, in a world of seclusion, isolation and independence, we mistakenly fall into realm of self-preservation and fail to see our own complacency. Our Father tells us to walk in the light and that our faith naturally produces works. Join us for an interactive discussion that will challenge us to be a tool in our Father's hands and thus bring joy and purpose to our lives today. James 2:18 - But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

QCS - Common Faith Network Website

By: Jim O'Brien

More about Jim O'Brien

Jim and Donna O’Brien have been married for 48 years. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio within minutes of their three children and seven grandchildren. Jim has served in the ministry of the Church of God for over 40 years. He started the Winter Family Weekend 22 years ago and serves as Pastor of the Church of God Cincinnati.

For some time we have recognized the need for a website to support local congregations. The creative energy God has given to individual members and local congregations may be the largest untapped resource available to the Church of God. It is important that our light shine and not be hidden under a bowl. It’s taken a while to reach this stage but we have been blessed with resources sufficient to make the website work. Join us for a meeting to outline plans for a website that will serve congregations and ministries.

QCS - Church Security

By: Jim O'Brien

More about Jim O'Brien

Jim and Donna O’Brien have been married for 48 years. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio within minutes of their three children and seven grandchildren. Jim has served in the ministry of the Church of God for over 40 years. He started the Winter Family Weekend 22 years ago and serves as Pastor of the Church of God Cincinnati.

The news reports about attacks on churches don’t tell the full story. Many potential attacks go unreported. It isn’t going away and the Church of God is not immune. God expects us to protect the flock. What can you do to prepare for such an event? There are logical, common sense measures you can take to defend the congregation. Join us for some down to earth presentations that will provide information you need to know.

Enlist in the PRAYERFORCE

By: Hal Geiger

More about Hal Geiger

To be provided...

When you're in war against "principalities, powers and rulers of darkness", you need access to greater defending power, you need the power to "call in airstrikes" and put the enemy on the run! We'll look at knowing our enemy and how your prayers can unleash that power.

Defending The Faith: How to Develop Your Confidence in the Bible

By: Ben Eison

More about Ben Eison

A native of Buffalo, New York and currently living in Leola, PA (just outside Lancaster), I have been a baptized member of God’s church since September 1984 (33 years). As a lay member, my involvement included being Spokesman Club President, Song Leader during services, delivering sermonettes, coaching YOU teen basketball, and teaching YOU bible lessons to teens. Although not formally affiliated with any of church group since 2001, I have maintained spiritual relationships with other “scattered” brethren via the teleconferences, internet, and groups supporting church-at-home fellowships associated with several ministers around the country.

Many people today are dealing with some very perplexing questions regarding the validity of the Word of God such as: Is the bible really that different from any other man-made work? How reliable can the Bible be with all the “supposed” discrepancies between ancient manuscripts and modern-day English translations? And since the Bible was written thousands of years ago, is it really rational to think “just having faith” is the ONLY proof which can be offered in determining the Truth of God’s Word? Or is it disproved by present-day scientific and historical evidence? This seminar will endeavor to address these questions, and provide an overall perspective on how people today can research the facts, and see how the truth of the Bible distinguishes it from any other book ever written!

God's Jurassic Park Destroyed Pre-Adamic

By: Bill Hillenbrenner

More about Bill Hillenbrenner

Bill Hillebrenner is a mechanical engineer with 1966 BSME from Utah State University. Reared on a dairy farm in Illinois. Baptized in Pasadena in 1969. Attended night classes at AC, Pasadena in 70s. His engineering career was varied in design and manufacturing engineering on Lockheed L-1011 Jumbo Jet cockpit design, in container design for GE Nuclear Fuel in North Carolina. He also holds two patents in container design for vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide as a sterilizer. Bill is semi-literate in Hebrew and biblical Greek.

Looking to science for quick frozen mammoths and worldwide mixture of bones, plants, tree parts

How to Be a Friend Of God

By: Marissa Baker

More about Marissa Baker

Marissa Baker is a freelance writer, blogger, and the author of two ebooks: God's Love Story and The INFJ Handbook. She can be found online at, where she shares thoughts on everything from psychology to Star Wars to Jesus.

Do you ever feel like God loves you because that's just something He does for everyone? Usually when we talk about love in the Bible, we focus on the Greek word agape, which describes God's unconditional love for all people. But there's another word for love that talks about God's affection for His friends. This seminar will discuss what it means to be friends of God and how to become part of that group.

Signs in the Heavens

By: Robin Clary

More about Robin Clary

Robin Clary and her husband Tim have two adult children and a teenager. She has been a Sabbath keeping Christian since childhood. Beyond her passion for a deep and meaningful relationship with God, her interests include Bible study, reading, horseback riding, essential oils, dog training, sign language, and chocolate.

Since 2014, there have been lunar eclipses (including the four blood moons) and a number of solar eclipses. The US experienced the Great American Eclipse August 21, 2017, followed immediately by two massive hurricanes that hit our coasts. Wildfires, strange weather patterns and unusual sun flares are also in the news. What on Earth is going on? The Bible tells us there will be signs in the heavens, pillars of smoke and raging seas before the return of Christ. Is it time to start paying attention?

Basics of Essential Oils with Q&A

By: Cheryl Miller

More about Cheryl Miller

Cheryl is an RN who learned about Essential Oils from a friend. As she researched their healing qualities she became convinced of their benefit to the human body. Cheryl and her husband Phil have been married for twenty-four years and have three children, Sarah, Abby and Caleb where they attend with the Knoxville, TN congregation.

This is an interactive class that will cover the basics of what Essential Oils are, Scripture references of oils, and why & how we can benefit from them today. There will be time to ask questions and Oils available to smell! Oils of Ancient Scripture: A Biblical Perspective on Essential Oils. Cheryl Miller Oils are mentioned in the Bible over 600 times! This class dives into scripture references referring to Oils and their use in Ancient times and explores application for today as well. 10 of the most referenced Oils will be available to smell & a handout with Bible references will be provided.

Child of God Rescue in Kenya

By: Mardy Cobb

More about Mardy Cobb

Mardy is the Director of the Church of God Restored, Author, Teacher, Pastor, President of Child of God Rescue, and business owner. Founded in 2008, COG Rescue was created when God brought Richard Mogendi and Mardy Cobb together. Together they worked diligently to give life to the original vision, to help orphans and fatherless thrive. As the Founder Mardy has done work in the United States and Kenya to provide support and guidance to the effort going on with both the Faithful Children Center and Wisdom Academy. Mardy regularly travels to schools, charitable organizations, clubs, and churches to present updates and information on the efforts of COG Rescue happening in both the USA and Kenya.

An overview and update of a ministry that serves orphans, fatherless, and destitute children in Kenya. The presentation will include the vision and purpose of COG Rescue, along with pictures, and videos of our orphanage and school in Ogembo, Kenya.

Never Again

By: Hector Brito

More about Hector Brito

Real street experience and formal martial arts education have created a foundation for what would eventually be known as Gap Response Defensiveness and With 45 years of mixed martial arts, military, street combat, and professional boxing, Hector brings a very down-to-earth and immediately applicable style of real world self-defense to his students

Should people of faith make use of the tool of violence? After the atrocities of approximately 12 million assassinations by the Nazi in WW2 the Jewish people said "never again." The world community supported the efforts to a right for autonomy and self defense of the Jewish nation. Is this a Biblical position or a political action? What does the Bible say about faith based congregational self -defense?

A Kingdom in Judah

By: Kurt Hoyer

More about Kurt Hoyer

Kurt has worked for the Department of State since 1998 in a variety of positions that have primarily focused on organizational management, U.S. Middle East policy, and Public Diplomacy. This service has taken him to Mexico, Kenya, Cyprus, Israel, Afghanistan and the Philippines. He currently serves in Washington D.C. working on Economic and Development policy with Nigeria. Kurt and his wife Jennifer are both graduates of Ambassador College, they have three children and currently live in Virginia.

This seminar looks at the incredible historical precision of the end of the Kingdom of Judah and the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. In 587 B.C. Jerusalem fell to the armies of Nebuchadnezzar. The utter devastation of this event marked the Jewish people forever and left a whole in history that is only now being filled. Using the Bible and other historical accounts, we will reaffirm the accuracy of scripture learn some insights about biblical prophecy, and touch on lessons for our lives today.

A Christian Response to Homosexuality

By: Heather Poma

More about Heather Poma

Heather Poma has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University, a Christian integration psychology program, and is currently licensed as both a psychologist and independently licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Ohio. She currently practices part-time at Apex Psychological Care and Memory Center in Boardman, Ohio. She is married with two young children, and currently her practice focuses primarily on couples’ therapy, but also work in the area of trauma, Christian counseling, and family therapy. During her time at Regent, she was part of the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity (ISSI), is currently a preferred provider in Sexual Identity Therapy, and completed her dissertation in the area of marriage and sexual minorities.

This seminar will provide scientific data and background information on the subject of sexual identity with a focus on how a Christian can respond to a close friend or relative who is “coming out". We will provide tips for dealing with the GLBTQ community and discuss the three-tier distinction of sexual identity.

The Spartan Mind of a Warrior of God or Cowboy up and Quit Yer Belly Ach

By: Weldon Boring

More about Weldon Boring

Weldon Boring began ministry in 1991 serving as a youth minister until 2006 when he was appointed to the office of minister by Ted Phillips, Pastor of the Church of God, Talents Ministries. Weldon is a Certified Police Chaplain with over 26 years Law Enforcement experience. He currently resides in West Virginia where he and his wife Heidi operate a nonprofit ministry, The Church of God, Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. How to have peace in this time of fear.

New Mom Sanctuary

By: Kayla Swenson

More about Kayla Swenson

Kayla Swenson is a stay at home mom who is passionate about getting women in the Word, being creative, raising her strong-willed toddler and newborn, and finding ways of connecting moms who are in this chaotic and confusing season of life.

Being a mom of small children, especially a new mom, can be overwhelming and isolating at times (even if you've already had one or two.) Join us for some precious "you time" with fellow moms and moms-to-be as we connect with one another and recharge with God's word and prayer. Nursing infants that can't be left with Dad are welcome but please give Dad some bonding time with busy toddlers. (Who can pay attention when they're poking each other in the eye?) We'll provide the coffee, see you there!

Getting the Good News Out There

By: Wes Higgins

More about Wes Higgins

Wes Higgins was baptized in 1967. Ordained in 1995. Commissioned as Pastor of Ontario Worldwide Church of God July 1997, which latter took the name Celebration Church of God. In 2005 relieved of duties of pastor under WWCG, was asked to pastor the new independent Celebration Church of God. A Credentialed Licensed Minister of the General Council of the Churches of God Seventh Day. Have for many years written the West Meadow newspaper column.

So, you have a gift for writing? Are you using it? We have what is considered, by many in the "main stream" Christian movement, some unorthodox beliefs. We will be discussing how to go about getting those beliefs viewed publicly without turning people off.